Microtech Xstreamjet

Microtech Xstreamjet

The Xstreamjet Printer brings professional quality media printing to in-house production of discs, enabling users to print outstanding photo quality images directly onto the surface of discs. Paired with Microtech's Xpress Family of automated disc duplicators, the Xstreamjet provides fast, professional quality and unattended printing of discs (24/7) at the industry's lowest cost per disc printing.

The Xstreamjet enables cost-efficient printing by providing options for either six separate ink cartridges or a continuous supply with a bulk ink (CIS) option. Both options optimize media printing costs with the individual cartridge option providing up to 400 full-coverage disc prints per cartridge-set and individual color cartridge replacement for a more efficient use of ink. The bulk ink (CIS) option provides a continuous ink supply for up to 2500 full-coverage disc prints before replenishment is required and up to 28,000 disc prints with the addition of a bulk ink kit refill, enabling an industry-leading low print cost.

Microtech's Xstreamjet media printing solution provides:

  • Bulk ink option with the industry's lowest print cost!
  • Separate Ink Cartridge (6) option enabling more efficient ink usage (replace one color at a time)
  • 2500 full-coverage disc prints without ink reload (Bulk ink option)
  • 28,000 full-coverage disc prints with Bulk ink kit refill
  • 400 full-coverage disc prints or more with one a set of ink cartridges (6 cartridge option)
  • Compatibility with all Microtech systems new and old
  • Fast printing -- 15 seconds in draft mode, 60 second for high-quality printing
  • Six-colors (five colors + Black) for superior half-tones and color matching
  • Enterprise class solution for high-volume printing, long life and heavy duty use
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